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In the salon of the Dolomites – A holiday in Sesto

The "Drei Zinnen" hotel is one of those rare and almost magical places in South Tyrol where the view of the Sesto Dolomites is almost unsurpassable. The building’s charm lies in the refined combination of cool views of the alpine environment and the cultivated style of its accommodation.

Together with Rudolf Stolz, the artist, Holzmeister has created an intimate location here, which, through the purpose-built interior and skilful selection of colours, is a complete work of art. The wellbeing of our guests and clear design have been elevated to guiding principles that express the true essential luxury of the hotel in its generously dimensioned rooms.

From the very start, the Hotel Drei Zinnen in Sesto has been run by the Watschinger family with the kind of commitment that makes a stay in a hotel resemble "living" in the Alps. In the words of Jean-Paul Sartre, it is "not a hotel in which one stays because one is travelling, but a hotel to which one travels in order to live and reside in it."
Only a few careful changes were made during the redevelopment of the rooms, so as to ensure that the building retained its character. The rooms offer such comfort and afford such clear views of the steep rocky crags of the Sesto Dolomites, that it is not easy to tear oneself away and subject oneself to the effort of a mountain hike. Finally, there is also a hotel terrace that offers delightful relaxation and the chance to deceive those who have stayed at home with a "Drei Zinnen" tan!

Our hotel has a central communal room with an integrated, cosy bar, a breakfast and dining room in which the day's first and last rays of sun dance, a light-flooded reading room, a comfortable parlour (and smoking room), plus, of course, what is known as the "play room" with its painted frescoes by Rudolf Stolz: the card dance in the interior and Johannes and Michael on the external façade. Exemplars of secular interior painting, which far exceeded, in terms of originality, colour and feeling, everything that people had come to expect from decorative art before. They fuse with the expressive room and with the glimpses of the beautiful landscape to create an atmosphere that is rare in its effect. Having pride (or, as we say in German, "Stolz sein") and having Stolz – we can claim both!

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Hotel Drei Zinnen

Via San Giuseppe 28
I-39030 Sesto (BZ)
Dolomites - South Tyrol

Tel. 0039 0474 710321
Fax 0039 0474 710092

E-Mail: info@hotel-drei-zinnen.com
VAT ID IT00178010211

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Drei Zinnen
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