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The Three Peaks – landmark of the Dolomites in South Tyrol

The Three Peaks are three majestic peaks that form a distinct and well-known massif of the Alps located at the Dolomites in Sesto. The Cima Grande (big peak) is the one in the center, the Cima Occidentale is called the western peak and the Cima Piccola is the small peak. Since the Cima Grande was first conquered in the year 1869, the Three Peaks have become some of the most popular mountains in the Dolomites among climbers.
Many of us have already seen the Three Peaks on pictures numerous times and think they know them. But having the possibility to admire them in real-life is a whole different story and absolutely unforgettable. The easier hike starting at the Auronzo hut is rather crowded during high season. If you prefer a more quiet – but longer - climb, we suggest starting from Val Fiscalina and ascend about 950 m through the Altenstein Valley. Complete this amazing circular hike by hiking along to the Rifugio Pian di Cengia (Büllelejochhütte) a hut at 2528 m and the Rifugio Comici Zsigmondy at 2224 m and finally descending from there to Val Fiscalina.

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